Does fear make the world easier or harder?  Or, does fear make the world easier to understand, or harder to understand?  It seems that there is a way of thinking, evolutionary and biologically founded, that drives us away from whatever makes us afraid.  People with guns, people who are different, people with diseases or differing views.  That was fine, to a degree, for most of human history.  We could form small communities, maybe a few hundred or a thousand, and survive.  A community where everyone knew everyone else was the ideal, and there were better ways to be together within that – some small communities suffered from corruption and dysfunction, it seems.

Those days are over.  That has to be said, and repeated forever, until everyone gets it.  We live in a complex, global society.  One cannot go a day without buying something, or meeting someone, or being effected by something that’s happened on a global scale.  A toaster is made from parts that are spread all over the world.  This is true of everything that you will touch today.  This is true of us as people.  The strange myth of an individual or community living off the grid is that.  There is no one out there who lives on their own.  Everyone who lives in a commune, or the individual out in the woods, they are all re-supplied by civilization on a regular basis.  There are no exceptions.  None.  I will pay cash money to someone who can find a guy who has never, ever, ever, for life, been resupplied by civilization in some way.  There is no such thing.  Not anymore.  The idealized, romanticized “getting away from it all,” separating from the rest of us, it’s absurd.  That idea has to be mocked roundly, whenever it comes up.  You will not leave society, separate yourself from the globe, from civilization, from those “others” that you don’t like, and survive.  You might make it for a while, but you’ll come back for supplies.  And then you’d be a nerfed version of the myth.

There has to be a better way than dividing up by fears.  There has to be a better way than building walls, getting more guns, and flexing political or social power until… we’re all alone in the world.

The dysfunction, corruption, the loss of our selves comes from people abdicating their responsibility to the community.  The worship of the individual, or the idea that the individual is the ultimate decision-making unit, that has to go as well.  That has gotten us to this place where it is every man for themselves in the world.  That’s fine if you are a high-functioning, dominant-culture, middle-class or above, healthy individual.  That’s prison, hell, slavery, or death for everyone else.  In a divided world, there’s no one to speak up for each other.  In a world where we withdraw from everyone we don’t like, we ultimately end up alone.  Along the way, we go to war, we move away from our neighbors, we rob our employers and employees both.  We let others, more powerful than us, create legal means to exploit us when we don’t step in and take responsibility.  This is what fear does.  Fear is and always has been a tool of the enemy.  When your fear speaks, listen, and do the opposite.  The fear spoken over this world right now is telling us to hide, to attack the powerless in the transgender and homosexual communities, this fear is telling us that developing nations are a threat to us.  Fear is telling us we need guns to protect us from others who have guns.  Fear is telling us that the mentally ill are dangerous criminals, who by the way have access to guns, and that they are worthy of pity and derision.  The same with addicts, the mentally ill.

We essentially hide away our help, we package it with shame, and smuggle in the means to exploit or lock up those we hate.  Rather than give a means to make a living to those we fear, put them in prison, put them out on the street, we pimp them out.  We could pay a universal wage to everyone in the country with the money we waste on welfare, disability, prison, the military, and so much more – industries fueled by fear.  This is what fear has gotten us.  Is this where we want to go?