People saying #AllLivesMatter completely miss the point.

It’s like a billionaire saying to someone on welfare “every penny counts.”

It’s like a slave owner saying to a slave, “every life is valuable.”

It’s like a rapist saying to their victim, “All choices matter.”

It’s like an obese person at the buffet line saying, “I need food, too.”

It’s like a cop, with Kevlar, and a gun, and a tazer, and a baton, and a dozen backup officers, and an entire system of laws protecting their actions, saying, “Police lives matter.”

You have to know that’s not the point. We rank people in so, so, so many ways. Some lives matter more than others. That’s not to say that they should, it’s just that they matter more. To say “all lives matter” is a tone deaf response to the oppression and abuse of whole communities of our people. Not all lives matter, but they should.