1. The Clintons can finally go away.  Forever.
    The Clinton dynasty should have been over after Bill Clinton left office.  It should have been over when Hillary lost to a virtual nobody, a state senator from Illinois with no national name recognition.  It should have been over when Bernie, a Jewish Independent who, again, had virtually no national name recognition, almost beat her in the primaries.  All of the signs were there that she was the wrong choice, but the DNC leadership still stood by her.  They greased the wheels for her to essentially be corronated.  That was a spectacular failure.  Now, they can finally go away.  If the DNC establishment learns anything form this, Bill and Hill will be out of the spotlight forever.
  2. The smug, condescending press.
    Remember what the experts said?  They were so profoundly, incredibly wrong that almost no one saw this coming.  A few, like Michael Moore, published their predictions and got it right.  Everyone else got to eat crow on election night, live, on national television, as they stammered and hummed their way through Trump’s electoral college sweep.  You can’t be smug and condescending while being wrong.  You can’t be so damn patronizing to your viewers when you fail to provide the fundamental service your job requires: journalism.  Report the news, editorialize if you must, be entertaining and dance for that dollar, but get it right.  All of the idiots on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and all their ilk deserve the low ratings and scorn.  Finally, they have been exposed, and at long last they don’t get to be so smug anymore.
  3. The moralist, character-shaming Christians have lost their last bit of credibility.  
    So they can go away, too.
    You know those people that demanded Clinton resign for his sex in the Oval Office?  Character was important then.  Not anymore.  The hypocrisy is too obvious, all of the double standards have been exposed for the lies that they are.  Christians would vote for the devil himself if he ran on a pro-life ticket.  The world sees that, and so the “witness” of Christians (81% of Evangelicals voted Trump) is completely, wholly, dead.  The moralists have no leverage anymore, there is no more credibility among the Religious Right.  The world will turn a deaf ear to their bitching and complaining at long last.  Thank God we no longer have to listen to the church-ians complain about everyone else; it’s time those folks looked inward for once.
  4.   Peaceful political discourse
    You think Trump is brash, rude, and dangerous?  Wait until you see what’s next.  In the same way that the poor white, working class types rallied to their strongman in Trump, the other side of the political spectrum will find their strongman, too.   These things escalate, just read a fucking history book.  I don’t know who it is, I am just saying, there won’t be a Hillary vs. Bernie ticket on the Democratic side.  The strongman profile that Trump has legitimized (with the media’s help) and brought to the mainstream will have a left-wing counterpart.  There will be a strongman vs. strongman election every cycle from here on out.  There won’t be a calm, collaborative pair of politicians talking policy and sloganeering at each other.  Those days are over, forever.