When we read Jesus’ story from the Bible, there were people constantly asking him questions, and he gave these unique, God-answers to their trick questions, or sometimes questions where people were genuinely curious.

One of the questions that these people, way back when, and sometimes still today ask is, what would it look like if God was in charge?  And mixed into the question is the assumption that he’s not, or he’s not entirely in charge — there are problems with my life, and yours, and this world of ours, so if He’s in charge its not 100%.  So what would it look like if he was totally in charge, like we’re in his house?

Jesus was like heaven, the presence of God, the power and authority of God, or like “that summer camp experience you had as a kid” but in a perfect way, all wrapped into one person.  

Jesus was God, in that he was 100% God, the God that we can know in the same way today.  I am telling you that when you talk to God, he talks back.  And when you want to see God, or know what he’s thinking, or want to watch what he’s doing, you can — he’s not all distant, and he’s not all far away.  

So what happened with Jesus’ life was, he was entering into a place where people were asking the question “What would it look like if God was in charge — if he was here, if he was working in our neighborhood” and so Jesus shows up and goes, it would look like this…

Your boat’s about to sink because there’s a storm?  Got it.  No more storm

Your son died? He’s alive now.  You’re welcome.

You were born blind?  Now you can see.

You’re hungry?  Here’s too much food.

What’s crazy about it is, the whole thing was leading up to his death.  His death was like the crescendo of the song, the climax of the story.  It all lead up to that point, because that was the plan all along.  And honestly, the story would be meaningless if it had ended at his death.  Anyone can die for something — I’m going to die someday, maybe I donate a kidney to save somebody and then people would say cool things about me.  But Jesus lived, died, and then lived again.

To kind of paint the picture, imagine you’ve got this guy who you think, who you are sure is God, who you spend the last 3 years of your life together.  And suddenly the whole community, politicians and pastors and priests turn on your leader and torture him to death.  The disciples were laying low, for fear of their lives.  And they were mourning hard.  This friend of theirs had died so suddenly and so easily for nothing, someone they had cared about — this guy who was like heaven, like heaven walking around in a person.

So the Bible tells us, the disciples found an empty tomb, and some of them believed, but they still doubted.  

Then he started appearing to them, several times over the course of about a month, sometimes pretending to be a stranger who then “reveals” himself to them, and sometimes just busting into their house while they’re eating and joining them for lunch.  Jesus revealed himself to hundreds after he resurrected, which is how we got these stories all written down about what he did.

Now let me add on this one last part.  When Jesus was answering the question, “What would it look like if God was in charge?” he was answering it in the biggest way.  If he had died, then we would be talking about how death is in charge, but that’s not the case.  Our God defeated death when he rose from the dead.  And so all those people that Jesus healed, he conquered sickness, he’s in charge of sickness.  He’s in charge of hunger, he fed thousands.  He’s in charge of storms, he silenced the storm that was going to kill everyone on their little boat.

And then Jesus got killed — the politicians that killed him, he’s in charge of them. The priests, the religious folks that arranged all of it, the crowds, the community that killed him, he’s in charge of them too, because he couldn’t stay dead.

What’s best for us is, we have this living God that we worship, not a fake God or a dead God.  The story goes, they put his body in a tomb and then he walked out of the tomb alive.  So now we have this God, one who talks and hears, who sees what we do and a God we can see, and a God who is in charge — a God who is in charge not just in the Jesus days, but in the today days.