Thought #1: What of the Deep State? Does it exist?
If there really is a deep state, then Edward Snowden absolutely must have been a “partial hangout.”  There’s no way that a security apparatus that massive could have missed an employee so blatantly stealing information to release online. Or, the deep state is incompetent. Those are the only 2 options I can see.  A “partial hangout” or incompetence. Like they f*cked up that badly, and maybe they’re f*cking up that bad with Trump this time around.

Thought #2: So if there is a flawed Deep State that secretly rules everything…
I cannot figure out the end goal of this Trump cluster f*ck from the perspective of world rule.  My conclusion, by way of disclaimer, is that I do not think there is “a power elite” that secretly rules our world.  I see evidence of hidden influencers, but not a single, unified group.  Call it the Deep State, the Illuminati, the elite, the Corporate Masters, the 300 families that essentially own 90% of the world’s wealth (and therefore power). If there is an entity in charge of the world, call it whatever you want, what is the end game with Trump and Russia?  Who wins in the weakening of the US (i.e. voting system compromised) and the strengthening of Russia, etc… who are the “sides” anymore?  Are these nation-state ideas just completely meaningless, and the lines of opposition in the world are something wholly different…  God, who is pulling the strings, because there used to be some semblance of order in the world.  Now it doesn’t look like anyone in particular is “winning.”  How did the geniuses on Wall Street not see that this would ruin our country if Trump is compromised by Russia?  Or are they on the same team, and this was a plan that would somehow weaken the US, strengthen Russia, and strengthen US business interests (Wall Street).  Business leaders who, according to the linked article, are giving up on Trump.  I assumed that the moneyed interests in the US would align with our military interests.  I don’t understand how they could now be in opposition, unless somehow Russia via Trump outsmarted all the other factions (US business, pitting them against the US military, US citizens, US media, US politicians).

Thought #3: Attempting to delineate the powers at play:
– USA political power
– USA business / financial power
– Russia’s business powers
– Russia’s political powers
– The players, all individual power brokers: Trump, Putin, et al
– US military interests
– Russian military interests
I can’t figure out how to take that jumble of  now mixed-up power brokers and make a story out of it.  It seems to me that if there’s a “win” for (pick any person) then there’s a “loss” for someone I would discern is on their “side.”  Ie. if Trump gains politically on behalf of the USA nation, he might lose out on USA military interests (i.e. Syria) at the gain of Russian military interests (i.e. sanctions being lifted), which would then be a loss for the USA financial system as well… see what I mean?  There’s not a clear zero sum outcome.

Another way to put it is, there is enough at risk for everyone in the world that (I think) the power brokers in our world will have to intervene.

Thought #4: Who has control? Is anyone really watching?
What if no one is really watching.   We know that there are billionaires and royalty around the world with untold amounts of individual wealth and power.  However, no one is in charge.  There is not a central, human conspiracy to control the world.  We are on our own to fix this. The most powerful people in the world, with all their assets and connections and influence did not see this disaster coming.  And so far, they have been unable to fix it.  We had the world’s greatest leaders sleepwalk humanity into World War I, II, the Cold War, near annhialation by nuclear weapons multiple times, and now this.  There’s no one to turn to but ourselves and God.

Another way to put it is, powerful people will not hold other powerful people to account. 

Worst case scenario, part 1: There is no one watching billionaires.
The massive surveillance apparatus in our world watches the commoners.  It does not exist to spy on people like Trump.  Trump’s business dealings with Russia over the last 30 years are known by the CIA, FBI, NSA, and the global equivalents, it’s just that they do not care what the rich and powerful do.  Those spying networks exist to … do what exactly?  Not control people like Trump, that’s for sure.