Is Donald Trump blessed?  

He has tons of resources, wealth, money.  If that is not the measure, then he has tons of other ways by which we could still count his blessings. Children, wife (or wives), sexual enjoyment, opportunities, experiences, joyful memories, fame, admiration, praise from millions.  

I can’t think of a measure of blessing in the world that he doesn’t have. Sex, money, power.  He has millions of people who love him (and obviously some who don’t).  Trump could consider himself blessed because he has millions more people who know him, or at least know about him, and they love everything about him.  They defend everything he does.  This is more than I can claim for myself.  Trump has a bunch of children, he has had a ton of women. By some accounts he has slept with hundreds of prostitutes, and from a purely speculative view he may have been with thousands.  There is no fleshly desire that this man has not satiated.  He has everything anyone could possibly want in the world. We are witnessing the proverbial “be careful what you wish for” as a man receives everything he has ever desired in a life. This is who a man is after hearing yes for a lifetime.

I don’t know how to separate blessing and favor from this.  Where is God in this?  Who is it that keeps giving him everything he wants in the world?

He is our modern day Solomon, except he isn’t wise – I do not believe anyone would argue that he is the wisest man alive, let alone ever.  Trump is our modern day “King after David.”  It would seem that we had our own David for 8 years, a deeply flawed and man who led an extremely violent nation into more war.  Obama was that kind of King.  As president, it seemed that he had a high capacity for love and compassion in his language, at the very same time he sent us into more wars.  Now we have our modern-day (foolish) Solomon.  

What happened to the nation of Israel after the rule of Solomon?  Are there enough parallels in this comparison to say we are on track for that – for an exile, an enslavement, for the division of our nation by outsiders.  I am saying we will end up in exile in Babylon.  This is my prediction: that we will end up disintegrating as a people after our foolish Solomon is done.  The question remains, who is the parallel of ancient Babylon?  I don’t know the answer to this. 

Trump’s only missing blessing is relational, but this is not something the world ever defines as blessing.  This is the difference between how the world defines blessing and how God defines it.  Trump is blessed in the world’s understanding, but he is not blessed by God. Understanding the life of Jesus tells us this.  Whatever presence God has in his life seems to have no effect.  I don’t deny God’s presence in his life, nor would I with anyone else.  

I don’t know what to make of that blessing, that of God’s presence. What blessing may come from God’s presence in Trump’s life, and what love Trump may have for God, I don’t know what would be different if he had less of that.  However speculative my statement may be, I have to conclude that Trump has a terrible relationship with God.  There is just no evidence that he has a sound, healthy, deeply connected relationship with the Creator.  What would we observe in any man’s life that they are changed by the presence of God?  We have to take wealth out of that equation, because of Trump’s life.  Because Trump is what wealth, power, greed and lust do to a person’s character and identity. Because Trump is not who God wants him to be.  I deny out of hand that Trump has received his wealth and power because of “God’s blessing.” 

Without speculation, I can say that Trump has a toxic relationship with his country, his family, and everyone around him. These are matters of record in courts of all kinds, as well as in the press, and by the spirit of discernment. Trump is effectively alone.  In all other ways he must be considered blessed in the world, and still not blessed by God.  

All of this calls into question the blessings of the Kingdom of God.  This is the death of the prosperity Gospel.  Trump is the answer to the heresy of the prosperity Gospel in that he is, in every way, prosperous, and yet so antithetical in his life, attitude, spirit, and relationships to Jesus Christ.  There is nearly nothing in his life that is sourced in Christ. The life of Trump exposes raw, naked, and unobstructed the lie of wealth and power as a blessing.  He is not “blessed” because of his wealth and power by the definition laid out by Christ.  Nor is anyone else who has received wealth and power. Now, our country will learn this lesson or end up like Israel in the days after Solomon.