Let us consider our focus, and change it if need be. It seems that our focus now is on money and power. Our ideologies are driven by our desire for money for ourselves, and power for ourselves. To be able to transcend ideological struggles would require us to focus on something different. We do not need more money and power for ourselves, is the first thought. The second is, what do we need instead?

I would suggest that we need a better rhetoric, one that captures who we are trying to be as a people. We can define those things, and focus on them both with our words and our policy. In the political realm, the focus now is our political party winning, often in a zero sum game with the other political party but also with the nation itself. We can define ourselves by nation, or not at all. If we have political parties that define themselves as other than a part of a collective whole, as a nation, then we ought to end those political parties. First we are to consider ourselves a nation, then we are to consider ourselves a people. Our focus ought to be on people. If our rhetoric starts and ends with people and relationships, community, families, and the building of a people, then we can impact policy that aligns with this. Instead of considering ourselves only agents for financial and power gain, let us consider ourselves people. Instead of considering our politicians our agents, let us consider them caretakers of this nation and people. Let us speak in terms of relationship. Include in this corporate and private power systems. The corporations in our neighborhood, on our streets, and in our homes, how are they helping us relate to each other? The ones that are realized as being barriers to our relationship with each other, let those corporations, those private power systems, let them be no more. We can do better if we consider ourselves a nation, a people, and if we choose to relate to each other as such.