Spiritual discipleship requires spiritual engagement.  Spiritual change.  How do people change in their thoughts, behaviors attitudes and emotions and everything.  Must it be that these spiritual changes are the same as the other ways that people change.  I think that spiritual change is what really changes people.  Engaging with who someone ought to be in the heavenly realm, how they are seen in God, changes their spirit and thereby changes the rest of them.  Spiritual change takes place by engaging with the spiritual realm, by identifying and implementing what’s in the heavenly realm. To get to that end, of spiritual change, we have to have a vision for how someone is in the spirit.  How are they known in the spirit.  We could be making all kinds of change to a person (weight loss, smoking less, quitting some other addiction change) any kind of change is possible, but it doesn’t change them in terms of discipleship.

We need people to be identified in the heavenly realm, in the spiritual realm, so that we can prophesy over someone, tell them who they are in God.  Then, the change that takes place will be real.  Then, the person that they are changing into will be known, rather than a flawed goal of change, and a flawed way of doing it. This is the true way to change someone.  Discipleship means that kind of spiritual vision. This is what we do, when we tell someone who they are, when that information is known by our knowledge of heaven. We are able to tap into the heavenlies and tell someone who they are, how they are known in Heaven, and we can then change them in the material realm into that.

This is how I am defining spiritual change.  Something for which I don’t think I have a clear definition before this.  Spiritual change is, we engage with the spiritual realm.  When we engage with the enemy, our spirit changes (ex. Porn, sex outside marriage, drugs, relational brokenness) and then our material self changes (what we do, and etc).  It is a corruption of our identity, which is an affirmative ideal or person in heaven, a way in which we our known that is sourced in God.  When we find out who we are in God, we are then able to connect with God, to implement what is real in the heavenly realm.  In the heavenly realm, in how we are known in the heavenlies, there are things happening that we can implement in the material realm.  We can join in with God in the spiritual change we know is happening, we can bring that into the material.  We can speak it into existence, as in, saying “I see (in the heavenly realm) God healing your heart.”  Seeing it can call that image into someone’s mind, and that person will be healed.

A prophet is someone who can see in the heavenly realm, and tell it to God’s people.  They hear what God is saying, and they tell people what they hear.  This allows other people to join in with what God is doing in the spirit.  I would describe to my church, for instance, that I see God healing them.  If I am a prophet, if I am actually seeing this in the heavenly realm, then I would then be speaking it into existence.  I would be calling healing into the room.  That is what happens when healing is called into the room.  The only missing piece is the spiritual engagement, the depth of spiritual connection to see what is happening in the heavenly, to know how and when to speak what’s happening into existence.