When we go to a place where God is at work, and speak his work into existence, we are putting material recognition, focus, attention, onto a spiritual reality. We bring people into the awareness of what is happening in the spiritual realm by speaking it.  I speak what I see in the spiritual realm happening (let’s say for instance I see a healing in the spiritual realm) and when I speak it, “be healed,” that person is healed.  This requires seeing in the spirit.  It is not a mental imagining, it is a seeing in the mind that requires the intentional engagement of the spirit.  This is why it is important that we have a tight spiritual bond and relationship with Jesus.  That is the means by which our calling on his name has the ability to invoke that authority.  When we have a deep relationship with Jesus, our calling his name has a deep meaning in our minds and our spirits both, and as our spirits engage in the calling on that name, we have the ability power and authority to speak what we see into existence.  It is because our thoughts, sourced in our spirits and in the Holy Spirit, are more than just cognitions of material origin, our thoughts are also sourced in the spiritual realm.
Every cognition, thought, idea, comes not only from a material origin (the firing of neurons) but from the means by which our spirit moves in our mind.  Our mind is both spirit and material, and every part of our body is the same.  That is the sense in which I mean, we “see” in the spirit.  We see in the same way that our thoughts are spiritually sourced.  Our sight is able, is always seeing in both the material (by our physical eye) and by the immaterial (our spirit).  Then, we see both the material realm and the spiritual realm.
This is the same idea in speech.  There is a material, physical act of healing.  Vibrations in the air.  When we speak in the spirit, our vibrations hit the spirit realm as well as the material realm.  The movement in the material is tiny, the movement in the spiritual realm is massive, beyond measure.  The spiritual realm moves when we speak.  We command spirits by our spoken words.  We have the most precise communication in every living creature, and this same precision is dialed into the spiritual realm.  No other creature can make this claim.  And it is the difference in noise, the spiritual and material noise, that sets apart from the spirits of animals.  Animals do have spirits, but their calls are pure instinct, neither precision nor intention.  Our intentions are spirit as well as material, as in thoughts and chemical reactions that we sense as urges.  Our intentions have a spiritual source and manifestation.  They begin, not in our own selves, because in no way have we created our own self.  And self meaning body, mind, culture, history, gender, identity. Our intent comes from somewhere else, and our intent has a spritual beginning and a spiritual end through one’s self.  That line in the spiritual realm, with beginning and end in the spirit, through a person, is a spiritual one.  And the end of intent in the spiritual realm, it has a place.  A material one and a supernatural one.
I can go to a place, speak God’s name, invoke his authority in that way in that place, and he would hear me and do what I ask in his name.  But I have to be in that place.  I could invoke God’s name to speak to a dice and tell it what number to be.  But I’d have to be in the same place as the dice, in a place where I have God’s authority, in a place where I speak that authority into the material realm.  In what places do I have God’s authority?
That is the ultimate question.  Do I have the authority in this place to call on Jesus’s name, to speak his will into that place, to speak it into the material realm.  If I do, I may call on Jesus to heal me or anyone, in that place, and with that authority I invoke that person is healed.  They would have no choice, because they are under my authority, but to be healed.