Healing requires authority.  A spiritual healing, wherein God heals a person in some material or physical way, is done when there is authority over a wound. Or illness or disease.  If I heal, I am stronger than the hurt.  I cast out the hurt, I put things the way they are supposed to be when I heal.  I take authority over the broken bone or the blindness, I order it to leave by the authority of another’s name.  The highest name upon which I can call is Jesus.

Think of what this means for the one who wounds another.

A healer always outranks the wound-er in authority in a place.  Real Kingdom authority is what I refer to in this case, not that of the world.  I speak of the authority of the spiritual realm.  In the material world, in the kingdom of this world, the opposite is true.  The most powerful are the wound-ers, the dominaters, and the weakest and lowest ranking are the healers.  This tells us that the poorest among us are gifted in healing, in speaking peace and love, this tells me that that authority exists for the poor because of their ranking in the Kingdom.

Jesus was broke, he was cast out, betrayed, he was murdered and abandoned by his friends.  This was the authority, the highest authority in the Kingdom of God, by which Jesus reigns.  This is the greatest authority, the greatest power, that of love, and love to the point of sacrifice – and love in every way.  All wounded-ness was put upon Jesus, this is why his love is proved the highest, this is the unlimited nature of his love, demonstrated and proved.  And in this authority we love, and we heal the world by this love.

We die so the world may live, Christians.  We take on the wounds of the world, we heal and we are healed. We are in Jesus when we do this, and we die so that we may truly live, so that the world may live.

Lower your rank, be intimate with Christ to the point of death, and you may heal the world.