God, what do you want me to do with my life.  I would love to stay at my church forever.  It would be amazing.  Am I being overly loyal like before?  Like with so many friends and jobs before.  What do you want me to be, what kind of person, and what kind of husband and father.  How do you want me to feel about people, how do you want me to think?  God help me to see in my mind how you want me to see, how you want me to think and feel and perceive.  God give me a vision for who I ought to be, let me hold onto the person in my mind who I want to be like — that person is Jesus, isn’t it?  I am trying to emulate, to be as much like the picture of Jesus I have in my mind.  How I picture Jesus, then, becomes that much more important.  If I have a flawed image of Jesus then I will aspire to be a person who is not worth becoming.  If I have an idea of Jesus, then I am aspiring to a perfect being, that is God in the flesh.  Whose character is greater?  Whose way is greater?  There is no person whose life I could emulate that would be greater.  There is no one on earth worth talking about, worth trying to be like in this very moment, there is no one else ever on earth worth talking about.  Amen.