That is the question I ought to be asking myself, as I pray.  There are so many ways to pray.  So many ways are selfish, and wrong headed.  So many ways are good.  Only so many ways are good.  The inflection is true for both meanings.  God would have me pray in a way that is within his character and Spirit.  That is in connection with him.  God would have me pray in a way that honors him, in a way that honors what he wants, in a way that is recognizing that God is other than me, and that I am not him, and also that he is real and he is God.  To pray with that in mind and add on to my present reality is the best that I could pray.  Then I pray for true discernment, which is the true perception of what is happening in the material and spiritual world. Discernment is to see what is truer, it is to perceive in a way that is subjective to God, which is the opposite of subjectivity.  We have the ability to see objective truth, that is what is required for discernment.  That is the definition of spiritual discernment, it is to see objective truth, or objective reality.  Then, in discernment I may pray what ought to be prayed given what is objectively true (true reality relative to God).  With that objective truth in my prayers, I may speak what is God’s will in a given situation.  I may access the divine will of God in a situation if I speak what I discern in the spirit.  This is, when spoken, prophecy (or spoken discernment).  

It is in this way that God is objective reality.  All else changes, is subjective to another thing.  All matter is relative to space.  All reality is subject to our perception.  Everyone alive is subject to time, space, to the passage of time, and their consciousness is subject to the nature or status of their matter.  People are made up of carbon and chemicals, and then they disintegrate and die, all of this process is subject to time.  All light we see is subject to our ability to perceive it, to measure it, and all the color we see is subject to our body’s rods and cone structures.  God is the objective, he is the measure by which all exists.  His existence is not measured against anything else, he is the beginning and the end of all.  God is the eternal upon which all matter is reflected, as in the construct upon which “All” is.  God is the objective being, the objective reality upon which all else is constructed.  Upon which all else is subject.  He is the “I am” in all reality, it is the objective reality, the reality by which all other reality is subject.  It is this, that we tap into when we love.  It is this that we tap into when we prophesy.  We connect to that which is known outside of our subjective experience, we tap into that which is known before we could know.