God I ask for peace.  

I pray for peace in me, moving out from me, to my wife and son, God give peace in their lives.  I pray for peace in my home, in my family, in my neighborhood and city.  Jesus give this world peace.  I pray that you would force peace upon the people of the world, God give us a taste of that for a day so that we would want it more.  God, give us a day of peace so that we could beg for another.  God give us a waking desire for you, God give us all a thirst for you, let this city be desperate for you, like zombies desperate for you.  Dying of thirst in our souls for you, Jesus.  I pray that that feeling would overwhelm us to make peace.  Or is it that the thirst for God drives us to war?  It would make more sense, I believe, that our thirst for God drives us to do darker things. That hunger has to be satiated somehow.  What do we do when we are hungry?  We get cranky, we get angry, we lose our concentration, we lose our energy.  We start to fall apart emotionally.  Everyone does it.  We do the same when we are thirsty.  Our bodies shut down, our relationships suffer.  We are just better people when we are hydrated, well fed, and rested.  Our spirits are the same.  Our spirits eat, they drink, the rest.  We need spiritual rest, drink, and food.  How do we behave when we are deprived of these in our material bodies?  It is the same when we are spiritually deprived.  All the feelings in our body have a spiritual analog.  As our bodies thirst, our spirits thirst.

God helps us to recognize our spiritual thirst for you.