Two days ago now, the special prosecutor investigating the Trump campaign’s possible connection with Russia released their first charges.  Among the other revelations was the discovery that Trump’s campaign was tapped by Pad-whatshisname for about 90 days this summer, after pleading guilty to charges brought earlier.  There are four other sealed charges mentioned.  The prosecutor, Mueller, was last known registered as a Republican, and he is not some Democrat empowered to gin up some kind of witch hunt.  This is the real deal, and this is bad.

The implications of this are horrifying.  The end result might be wounds from which this country will never heal.  The Balkanization of America, splitting it up into smaller less powerful regions because of cultural and political unrest, is a possibility on the near horizon.  Things are really bad.

What’s curious is, given what is public so far (mentioned above) and what’s possible in terms of the fallout, is how slow to act the right side of the political divide seems to be.  By all accounts, the Republicans are actively stonewalling, interfering with the investigation, and otherwise set against the independent prosecutor.  This isn’t a political game, these investigations, this is so much about discovering whether or not Russia influenced the election, and further whether Trump is compromised by the Russians.  Finally, it is about discovering, to what extent the Russians have compromised the government — Republicans, Democrats, whoever, it does not matter.

What has to change is, there have to be some voices on the right side of the political spectrum and say, enough is enough.  If Trump is compromised, even if there’s a chance, we have to find out the truth.  Immediately.  This is way past party loyalty, Republican congressmen have to act.  It would not be a pre-emptive impeachment, there are enough reasons to impeach Trump, the least of which is the possibility that he is compromised by an enemy nation.

This is completely insane. What would Trump have to do for his supporters to disavow him?  I want a real answer.  Would he have to physically kill someone that the Republicans love more?  Certainly, people would not care if a president killed someone — drone strikes and military adventures have been happening for every president since WWII.  That part isn’t shocking.  If Trump killed Jesus Christ with his bare hands on national television, would that do it?  Would dropping his pants and pissing on the constitution do it?

I am wondering if it’s a “visual” issue, if somehow there is a missing visual component of this scandal.  Nobody saw anything happen, and the consequences are all in the abstract.  If somehow we were able to have a video feed of Russians hurting people we love, then we would care.  It is as if people don’t even care about the possibility of Russians overtaking our country through soft power, political force, or through compromising our politicians.

Here’s the bottom line.  Russia defeated America.  It happened slowly, over the last year, but it happened.  Now where do we go from here?