That Fox News is the mouthpiece for Murdoch and his ilk is now historical fact.  All of Rupert Murdoch’s networks work in unison, criticizing Mueller after his indictments as a single chorus.  They are a mouthpiece for the same handful of people that are pulling strings across both sides of the political aisle.

Fox News is specifically bad because it is not operating as a “news” station, but as an organized, calculated instrument for mobilizing gullible, angry people to act in a very specific way.  Fox News, being what it is, is a powerful tool in the hands of sophisticated people who are actively changing the culture of this nation.  Not the entire nation, though, but Fox News has been a means to make millions of people think very specific thoughts.

It is a devil’s brew of thoughts, those influenced and spoken into millions of hearts every single day.  There are millions of people — you might have experienced this — who every single day are committed to watching Fox News, and they spout the talking points they hear from Fox News, all day, every day.  You might have that “Uncle Arnie” that complains about the most random “red herring” argument being spouted on Fox News.  Your Uncle Arnie hates windmills, Obama, labor unions, feminists, libruls, and something about pizzagate, Hillary’s emails, Podesta, and so on.  It’s just a bunch of bullshit spouted from a very specific group of people.  Murdoch and people like him.

Fox News isn’t just making your retired, elderly (the average Fox News viewer is 68 years old) grandpa stupid, it is evil.  “Evil” evil, as in real, incarnate evil.

Consider what a society ought to do with a person who used their influence to do any one of the following: speak hatred to the poor, stir up racial tensions, break up unions, stoke war, intentionally spread lies, defend the exploitive rich, defend thieves and murderers and war criminals and rapists, who serves to seek only profit and material gain, who discourages peace, generosity, altruism, equity, and diversity.  This is a sociopath whose vision of the world is an outright oligarchy, like modern feudalism.

The policies for which the people on Fox News advocate are born of a vision of world slavery.  That a handful of people would own everything.

What would a good society do with such a thing?  With a person who behaves and believes the way that Fox News speaks and talks and is.  Any entity that is so evil, whether it be a person, cancer, corporation, or news network, that thing ought to be removed from our society.

I would not advocate for Murdoch or any of his people to be hurt.  It is that they cannot be allowed to have a voice, like what Fox News is to the world.  No one person can be allowed to form our culture in such a way, with such singular intention and sophistication.  Fox News is a single person moving our country in a horrifying direction.  This cannot be allowed to continue, Fox News has to be taken off the air, and corporate media must have real, concrete, and total reform.  There can be no more corporate consolidation in the media, the monopolies have to be broken up, and evil men like Rupert Murdoch must have their voices taken away.